Where can I review my membership and purchases?

You can check up on your membership and access any individual purchases you've made from your Order History tab in the Account settings of your profile. 

On the Memberships tab in your Order Historyyou'll be able to see the type of membership you have and other important information like the status and date of purchase.  This is also the place to 'Edit your billing info' to ensure that Scribd is able to continue to automatically bill you so you never miss a moment reading with us. 

Under the Purchases tab, you'll find all the individual titles you've paid for. When you purchase a title on Scribd, you gain instant access to it. You're able to go straight to the title and enjoy the entire content right after the purchase. If you want to access it anytime after that, you'll always be able to by going to your Order History and selecting 'Purchases'. They'll be listed in chronological order starting with the most recent first. By clicking on the title, you'll be taken to the correct page to be able to enjoy it once again. 

If you don't see yore purchases listed under your Order Historyplease contact Scribd support for assistance. 

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