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Please visit Scribd's Copyright Resource Center for more complete information.

Content on and the Scribd mobile app is provided by our members without pre-approval by Scribd or a Scribd representative. The unauthorized uploading of copyrighted content is strictly prohibited, and Scribd complies with all applicable provisions of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) of 1998.

It is our policy to remove infringing material when notified and to terminate repeat infringers on a "three-strikes" basis.

Since Scribd is based in the United States, a completed DMCA notification is the minimum that we can accept as proof-of-copyright, even if your country operates under different laws. Scribd cannot process notifications that disregard DMCA criteria and provide incomplete information.

The fastest way to report an infringement of your copyright is to use Scribd's reporting form for abusive content and copyright infringements. This form captures all the required information and notifies us immediately. Information that you send to us via this form will not be used for any other purpose. Valid notifications are typically processed within two business days. Content removed by DMCA notification is automatically added to the BookID copyright protection system.

If you have received a notification that your work was removed by BookID and you feel the removal was improper, forward the notification to along with an explanation of your concern. We will review each case as quickly as possible.

If you have received a notification that your work was removed because we received a DMCA copyright infringement notification, you must file a "counter-notification" in order to begin the process of restoring your document.

  • Click here to read the complete Copyright Infringement (DMCA) Notification and Takedown Policy.
  • Click here to read the complete DMCA Counter-notification Policy.

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