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Scribd's Code of Conduct

Be responsible and respectful at all times on Scribd. Whether uploading a document, reviewing a book, or updating a public profile, users are expected to follow our Terms and Policies while participating in our community. Users sharing documents in Scribd’s library should pay particular attention to our Prohibited Activity and Content notices.

Hate speech, harassment, and threats do not have a place in Scribd’s community. We value diversity in ideas and opinions; however, Scribd is not a place to upload content that is intended to promote hatred, bigotry, or harm toward others on the basis of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religious affiliation, age, class, caste, disease, or disability.

We support creators: copyright infringement is not allowed on Scribd. Scribd welcomes documents that have been uploaded by the copyright holder, or with the copyright holder’s permission. We will remove content that has been shared without permission. Keep in mind, copyright can apply to numerous works, including but definitely not limited to: books, music and song lyrics, poems, technical manuals, and movie scripts. For more information, please visit our copyright page.

Do not disclose anyone else's personal information or impersonate anyone in a misleading manner.

Do not upload content that is pornographic or contains gratuitous depictions of sex or violence.

What happens if a user doesn’t follow the rules?

Individuals and businesses must comply with our Terms and Policies at all times while using the site or mobile app. Those who do not comply with these policies will face punitive action, up to and including account termination and the removal of all documents uploaded by the account. Criminal activity may be referred to law enforcement.

We want to ensure reading on Scribd is a great experience for everyone. If you’ve encountered content that you believe goes against our policies, please let us know.


For more information about what's allowed on Scribd, please visit our Prohibited Activity and Content Policy and our General Terms of Use. If you have further questions, please contact Scribd support — we're always happy to help.

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