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Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely road trip or stuck in traffic during your daily commute, you can listen to your favorite Scribd audiobooks or Podcasts through Apple CarPlay! 

Adding Scribd to your CarPlay

Before you start your engine, you will first need to add the app to your CarPlay. Follow the instructions below to get started:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap CarPlay
  4. Tap your car's name and then tap Customize
  5. Tap on the plus symbol (+) next to the Scribd app from the More Apps field

*Note* If you are not signed in to your Scribd account on the mobile app, you will have limited access through CarPlay. Once you have the Scribd app added to your CarPlay, make sure you sign in to your account on your mobile device

Navigation and Features

Now that you have Scribd set up on your Apple CarPlay, let’s explore the options available!

Saved and Podcast

The Saved and Podcast Tabs will display the content you have saved in the mobile app. Each item on the list includes the title, author, as well as a cover photo, and the duration of the title when available.

These tabs are only visible if you have audiobooks or podcasts saved in your library on the Scribd mobile app. To learn more about adding your favorite content to a Saved List for quick access through CarPlay, visit our Help Center article Managing my Saved titles.

The content on your Saved Lists that is downloaded to your Scribd app for offline listening will show a solid cloud icon next to the title. 

Top Charts 

This tab includes a list of trending titles and will always be available to browse before starting your drive.

Now Playing 

When audio playback is in progress the Now Playing screen will provide options to control your reading experience: move back thirty seconds, skip forward thirty seconds, pause, and view the time progress bar. 

To return to the main menu, select the Back button or the Scribd app icon located in the top left corner of the CarPlay interface.

Playback interruption

While you’re listening to Scribd through CarPlay, loss of internet connectivity will cause audio playback to pause until a connection is reestablished. 

Downloading content for offline listening before you hit the road will ensure seamless playback, even when a wifi or mobile data connection isn’t available. For help with making titles available for offline listening, check out Using Scribd offline.

You will also experience an interruption in playback from incoming calls, navigation notifications, and Siri interactions, but audio will resume automatically once the interruption has ended.

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