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There's nothing like reading a good book. Scribd knows that, but we also know you're not always going to be connected to the internet in order to read to your heart's content. Even during those offline times, you'll be able to enjoy Scribd's collection.

Tip: For the best results and to avoid interruptions, we recommend switching your device into airplane mode while reading or listening to audiobooks offline.

Downloading content in the Scribd app

To store content on your device for offline reading:

  1. Tap on the cover of the book you wish to save, you'll be dropped into the book's summary page.
  2. Look for the "Save" button. Tap on this to add it to your Saved titles if you want to keep the book on your radar, but aren't ready for it yet!
  3. To download the book right away, tap the "Download" button on the summary page.

To locate downloaded content:

  1. Go to your Saved titles by tapping on the bookmark icon in the navigation menu at the bottom of your screen.
  2. Turn the "Downloaded" toggle on.
  3. You'll see a list of only the titles that you've downloaded for offline reading!

Books stored on your device can only be opened through the Scribd app, and we don't permit access to a stored book's file.

After it’s fully downloaded, you'll be able to enjoy the book from beginning to end with or without an active internet connection.

Removing a download in the Scribd app

If you're finished with a book or need to free up some space on your device you can delete a book from your storage - you'll be able to pull it up from your Saved again at any time to store it if need be! You can remove downloaded content from your device via your Saved titles, simply:

  1. Go to your Saved titles by tapping the bookmark icon, located at the bottom edge of your screen.
  2. To easily locate downloaded content, ensure the “Downloaded” toggle is switched on.
  3. Tap the trash can icon below the content you want to remove from your device.
  4. A prompt will appear asking you to confirm your decision and if you agree, the title will be removed from your device's memory. 

Remember, you'll still find it in your Saved titles if you ever want to add it for offline reading again!

Offline reading on your computer

You won't be able to download premium subscription content when using Scribd's website, but you'll still be able to enjoy offline reading on a computer with many documents that have been enabled for downloading. If a document is available to save to your computer, you'll see a 'Download' option above the document viewer.

Ultimately, it's up to publishers to decide how they want their work to be accessed. Some publishers disable downloading for specific titles and the 'Download' option won't be shown for those titles. You'll still be able to enjoy them on Scribd, but they won't be directly downloadable or printable.

In order to read any downloadable documents, you'll need to have the correct software -- such as Acrobat Reader or Microsoft Office -- installed on your computer. Otherwise, you won't be able to view the file you've downloaded.

If you're having trouble storing or reading a title on your device, don't be shy! Send Scribd support a message, and we'll help you resolve the issue.

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