How many books can I read each month?

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When you have a subscription with Scribd, the breadth of our vast library is open to you for reading fun! Scribd is a digital reading subscription that brings you monthly access to the best books, audiobooks, news, and magazines. Many of our members use our website and app to read everything from bestsellers and old classics to legal documentation and instruction manuals. We also carry a wide variety of sheet music and news articles along with thousands of audiobooks. It's all available to you each and every day, anywhere you go!

Read to your heart's content, book lovers — there are new titles added all the time! Dive into an adventure, puzzle over a mystery, get swept off your feet by a knight in shining armor, and know that there's plenty more where that came from. 

We strive to provide the most comprehensive catalog to all of our members, but can’t guarantee the immediate availability of specific titles. Occasionally, some particular titles may be temporarily unavailable to you depending on your recent reading activity. If you're only seeing a preview of a specific title, you should also see a notification indicating when that book or audiobook will be fully available to you.

Please be aware that we do also have an automated system to help protect the service from individuals out to abuse the site. If you unexpectedly encounter a warning saying that your access has been restricted due to unusual activity, contact Scribd support and we'll look into it for you. 

Never stop reading!

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