How do I prevent readers from paying to download or read my documents?

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Scribd is a publishing platform for major publishing companies and self-published authors. We also know non-profit organizations, teachers, and others often need a place to upload material that's readily accessible to their audiences, so we're happy for people to use Scribd's document upload feature to share their work free of charge for their readers. 

All you need to do is head on over to your Account Settings and toggle the switch towards the bottom, under the Document Upload Settings section, to the right of "Do not make my documents premium content". (Please note: the "Document Upload Settings" section will only appear in your Account Settings if you have a document uploaded to Scribd that is set to public.)

It'll look like this when toggled on:

Once that's done, your readers will not be required to purchase a premium membership with us to download your documents or read them in full. We should mention that a free Scribd account is still required in order to download content even when it is exempt from the membership program, so your readers will still need at least an account with Scribd.

If you have trouble with the process or have further questions about the premium service and your content on Scribd, please contact Scribd support for assistance.

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