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Scribd knows what you came here for — it's because Scribd has a huge collection of books for you to read right at your fingertips. So let's cut to the chase and get you what you want: all the books you can handle! There are two ways you can find titles you're interested in: by searching or by exploring. Which one you choose will depend on what you have in mind for your next great book.

Searching for content

If you already know what you want, you'll want to use the 'Search' box at the top of most pages on Scribd's website. This will allow you to search for all sorts of fun stuff - from Documents to specific authors, our search tool is your key to finding everything Scribd has to offer.

To start a search, click anywhere in the "Search" box and then type an author's name, a book title, or any keywords, then press "enter" on your keyboard to start your search. You'll be brought to a landing page that includes some highlights from every option related to your search term:

Filtering search results

Generally speaking, more than one result will appear and you can filter through all results by clicking on a particular filter from the top row of content type options, such as "Books", "Audiobooks", or "Articles". We offer even more filters to narrow down the results after that too!

So, if you were looking for just ebooks related to "cat facts", you would click the "Books" filter from the top:

This would then bring you to all Scribd search results for "Books" related to "cat facts". Once you've chosen "Books" as your main filter, you now have even more options such as interest, language, or the date it was added:

Still not seeing what you're looking for? Try our Advanced Search options! 

Exploring for content

If you don't have a specific title in mind but have a general idea of what you're looking for (we've all been there), no worries - we've got you covered! Just click on the content type that strikes your fancy on the left, and you'll be taken to the Overview page for that content library ("Books", "Audiobooks", "Documents", "Magazines", and "Sheet Music").

By default, the Overview tab will load first and you'll see titles you've saved using our "Save for Later" feature up top. Scroll through the Overview page for recommendations tailored just for you! Interested in a specific genre? Select the "Categories" tab and you'll see a list of available genres for that content type. The "Editors Picks" section is a curated list of our editors' picks, updated weekly.


Browsing by Genre: 

When you select a specific interest or genre to browse through (such as "Contemporary Fiction"), you'll be taken to the overview page for that genre, where you can also select the content type. You'll see a few curated lists of titles included like "Recommended for You", "New & Noteworthy", and "Bestselling":


Throughout the overview of any given interest or category, you'll find various selections of books curated by our editorial team. Simply click on the title of the collection to browse all of the titles, or the arrows on either side to scroll through the titles: 

When you scroll to the bottom of an overview page, you'll find the option to view all the titles of that interest. There, you can sort results based on content type and sort titles you see based on it's 'bestselling' status or by titles that have been recently added to Scribd!

Happy reading!


While Scribd staff can not search on your behalf or send content directly to you, we are more than happy to assist with any technical issues or questions you may have! Just contact Scribd support anytime for help. Happy reading!


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