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Is there anything better than a good book? We sure don't think so. So then what's a better way to show someone that you care than giving them access to over half a million books? Someone's birthday coming up? Want to send the best 'Thank you' note ever? Need a gift for that book lover that's so hard to buy for? Gift a Scribd subscription and give them hundreds of thousands of books to enjoy at their heart's content! That's the best gift we could think of, too.

How do I send someone a Scribd gift subscription?

It’s easy! First, click here to open the gift purchase page. Select the duration of subscription time (6 or 12 months) and write a personal message, then fill in the recipient’s information. Next, decide how and when you wish it to be delivered -- we can either email the gift directly to the recipient for you (now or at a later date) or you can print out a gift message and hand-deliver it yourself.

What kinds of gift subscriptions are available?

Our current gift subscription offers can be viewed here.

How does the recipient redeem a Scribd gift subscription?

Once your lucky recipient has received their code, there are a few ways to redeem:

  • If we sent them their gift code via email, they just need to click on the 'Redeem Now' link included in the email to view and redeem their subscription.
  • They can head over to www.scribd.com/redeem and enter in their gift code.
  • If you printed out their gift message, the instructions and code will be included.

What if the person I give a Scribd gift subscription to is already a paying member?

That’s ok! The time value of the Scribd gift subscription will be applied to their existing subscription. They just need to log into their Scribd account and go through the redemption process. Once they’ve redeemed the gift subscription on their account, they won't be charged for their regular subscription until your gift expires!

If your recipient has an active Scribd subscription through the App Store or Google Play, they’ll need to cancel their subscription prior to redeeming the gift. The same is true for some of our longtime PayPal subscribers (more recent subscribers using this payment method should be able to apply gift subscriptions as normal). We know it’s a bit of a hassle for these subscribers to use a gift subscription, and for that, we apologize. Due to restrictions on adjusting these payment methods, we are unable to modify subscriptions purchased via the App Store, Google Play, or PayPal directly, which includes automatically adding gift subscription time to an existing subscription. Not to worry, here’s a quick overview of this process and what to expect:

  1. First, the existing App Store, Google Play, or PayPal subscription will need to be canceled. Please refer to our article “How to cancel your subscription” for specific instructions.
  2. Once the subscription is canceled, it will need to expire. This means waiting until the end of the subscription period - for example, if your subscription billed you on the 15th and is then canceled, it will remain active until the 15th of the next month.
  3. After the subscription expires, the gift code can be redeemed by heading to www.scribd.com/redeem!

During this process, including waiting for the subscription to expire, the subscription will remain active, with full access to all of the premium Scribd features. The transition should be seamless and easy and they can always contact Scribd support to check the status of their account!

What devices can members use to access the Scribd library?

The Scribd app is available on iOS/iPad OS devices, Android devices, and devices like some Kindle tablets and the Nook Tablet. Readers can also use Scribd's website on a laptop or desktop browser. If you’re interested in using our Scribd app, check out our article “Installing the Scribd app” for more information and detailed installation instructions.

Do Scribd gift subscriptions expire?

Scribd gift subscription codes have no expiration. If your recipient isn't quite ready to read, no need to worry! They can redeem the code at a later date when they're ready to dive into a good book.

I don’t have the email address of the person I want to give this to, or I'd like to present this gift in person. What do I do?

Don’t stress, you can give Scribd gift subscriptions the old school way!

During the customization process of purchasing the gift, choose the “Print” option, and we’ll send you a printable template of the gift subscription voucher. Print the message out, and you can snail mail or deliver it by hand.

I’m purchasing this gift subscription today, but I don’t want the recipient to get it until later. What do I do?

We understand; you want to plan ahead and not be caught by surprise when the big occasion finally comes up, we totally get it. You can schedule the email to be sent on a future date! Or, simply go with the physical message option: print it out, and hand-deliver it when the day arrives. But never fear, if you want to buy ahead, you just have to put in the date that you want it emailed to your gift recipient and we'll email it that day, and send you a confirmation when it's done.

I’m trying to send a Scribd gift subscription to someone in another country. Is that ok?

Of course ⁠— Scribd is available worldwide! Scribd can be accessed in any country unless local service providers or authorities have blocked it. For specific international questions, please contact us.

I just received a Scribd gift subscription. What is that?

A Scribd gift subscription provides access to the entire premium Scribd library, with over 500,000 titles from 900+ publishers, including bestsellers and new releases. We have ebooks, audiobooks, sheet music, articles, and more available on Scribd. Scribd is available as an app on your phone or tablet, or in your browser, so you can read anywhere, anytime. Read more about the Scribd subscription here!

Do I need to enter my credit card information in order to redeem a gift subscription?

Not at all! It's a gift, all paid for and ready for you. You just need to sign up for a free account or log into Scribd's website to redeem your gift subscription and start reading. Go to www.scribd.com/redeem to take advantage of the gift you received!

What are the Terms of Use?

Please see our Gift subscription Terms and Conditions, as well as our other Terms, in our "Terms and Policies" section.

I'd like to learn more about Scribd subscriptions.

The best place to start is with these most frequently asked questions. For even more details, check out our other guides and faqs. If you don't find the answers you're looking for, never fear! Just contact Scribd support and we'll be happy to assist you.

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