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Your Scribd password is key to unlocking your personally curated library of the best ebooks, audiobooks, documents, and more! Whether you’re resetting your credentials or creating a Scribd account for the first time, keep your password strong with the following tips:

  • Make passwords lengthy and complex – The more characters, special symbols, and case variations used, the better!
  • Use unique passwords – Using the same password across services could put all of your different accounts at risk if your credentials are ever involved in a data breach or leak
  • Make passwords unpredictable – Simple words, phrases, or keyboard patterns (ie. “password123” or “qwertyasdfgh”) can make it easier for someone to guess your account password

We also recommend that you:

  • Use a password manager – Password managers can safely store, keep track of, and even generate passwords for you
  • Make your sign in details confidential – Keeping your sign in details private can help ensure you’re the only one with access to use your Scribd account
  • Decline to let browsers on public or shared devices remember your credentials – Letting a browser remember your credentials on a public or shared device makes accessing your account possible for anyone else that uses the same device

Should you have further questions or need additional assistance with your password, let Scribd Support know. Happy reading!

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