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Picture this: You’ve just settled down to read a book, but you notice it seems to be a bit shorter than you imagined. After some quick checking, you’ve found out why – you’re reading an abridged title!

What does “abridged” mean?

An abridged book or audiobook is a shorter version of a title. While not full-length, an abridged version of a book will still include the main points intended by its author.

What does “unabridged” mean?

An unabridged book or audiobook is a complete version of a title, without any alterations. Unabridged stories include all interactions or descriptions (no matter how small!) written by the author in the original work.

Why does Everand have abridged titles?

We want to be sure our library provides options for all readers, including those who may not need or want to read a book in its original form. Providing an abridged version of a title allows us to do this, especially if the unabridged version is not currently available on Everand.

Abridged titles are also a great option for those who need to finish a book in less time than it would take to finish the original. If you only need to learn the main themes of a story, the abridged version may be just right for you!

How can I tell if a title on Everand is abridged or unabridged?

Are you curious whether a book you’re starting is abridged or unabridged? We make it easy to confirm what version you’re reading by including this information for each title in our library!

To check a title’s abridgment status:

  1. Sign in to your account on the Everand app or website.
  2. Tap on a book or audiobook’s title to navigate to its About page.
  3. Check the title’s format.
    • Abridged titles will display “Book (abridged)” or “Audiobook (abridged).”
    • If the title is unabridged, you will simply see “Book” or “Audiobook.”

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