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In addition to thousands of books, audiobooks, and more, the Scribd library is home to plenty of magazines provided by top publishers. Instead of having to flip through page by page, the magazines in our library consist of the written articles within an issue. Whether you’re interested in the latest world news, riveting entertainment, or far-away travel, we’ve got the articles for you!

Locating magazines

The easiest way to begin exploring the magazines in our library is selecting the “Magazine” tab on the Scribd website or the app.

There, you can browse through our Editor’s Picks, or by your favorite category. Each magazine thumbnail will have a date listed below it, so you can see when the issue was published at a glance.

Have a specific magazine or topic in mind? You can also use our search feature to find your next articles! If you search for the title of a magazine, its publication page will always appear at the top of any search results as long as it’s in our library.

If you open a magazine’s publication page, you’ll see the following:

  • The title of the magazine
  • A short description of the type of content published in the magazine
  • A selection of articles from the magazine
  • The Latest Issues for each magazine and their date of publication

Alternatively, any keyword you search and apply the “Articles” filter to will result in a list of matching magazine articles. Be sure to check out our article on exploring Scribd’s library for more helpful search tips!

Reading magazine articles

Once you’ve found a magazine issue you’d like to read through, simply click or tap on it to open the selection of articles within. From there, choose the article you want to begin reading!

While using the mobile app to read an article, you may be able to change display settings such as font size and brightness. Take a look at our article on adjusting display options for more information!

Following magazines

Want to keep up with the latest release of your favorite magazines? You can do just that with our Follow feature. Following a magazine will ensure that the most recent issues and articles will populate at the top of your Saved list in the Scribd app, and at the top of the Magazines page on the Scribd website. For step-by-step instructions on how to follow content, check out our article, Following on Scribd.

If you have any additional questions on magazines and their articles, just let us know. Our Scribd Support team is always ready to help!

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