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It’s easier than ever to access all your favorite content in one place: Scribd! In addition to books, audiobooks, magazines, and more, we also have podcasts in our library. From learning a new skill to hearing the latest opinion from your favorite hosts, you’re bound to find something in the shows we have to offer.

Locating a podcast

There are multiple ways to explore podcasts in our library. If you want to listen to a specific podcast or episode, you can search the full name of the show or episode title using our search tool and filtering for “Podcasts”.

If you’re feeling adventurous or just want to browse, the best place to start is Scribd’s Podcasts page. The podcast “Overview” section contains general recommendations for shows you might enjoy, in addition to curated lists from our editors that are updated regularly! Our podcast “Categories” section has a whole host of options to choose from if you’re looking for a show on a particular topic. Just click on whichever category you prefer and a list of related podcasts will appear.

When you’ve found a podcast you’re interested in, you can view its description on the podcast’s home page. A podcast’s home page also contains a full list of the episodes available in Scribd’s library.

To easily keep track of all episodes associated with a podcast, you can add the podcast to your Saved list directly from its home page. You also have the option of individually adding episodes from the podcast to your Saved list if preferred. If you need a refresh on adding content to your Saved list, check out our article, “Managing my Saved titles” for detailed steps!

Listening to a podcast episode

Once you’ve found the podcast episode for you, you can start listening right away. Just click on the episode you’d like to hear, and it will begin playing in Scribd’s audio player.

You can pause an episode at any time with the use of the pause/play button. If you need to restart an episode from the beginning, you can use the rewind button (located the farthest to the left of the pause/play button) to do so. We also provide jump back and jump forward options (rounded left and right arrow buttons on either immediate side of the pause/play button) for you to skip a few seconds at a time.

The podcasts in our library are produced without input from Scribd, which means you may hear advertisements while listening to a podcast. Ads allow the creators of each podcast to aid the hard work put into making their show, and keeping these within an episode allows us to further support the efforts of our contributors.

Downloading podcast episodes

Just like audiobooks, you can download and listen to podcast episodes offline through the Scribd app if you have an active subscription. Just select the “Download” option listed for a podcast episode, and it’ll be downloaded to the app for your enjoyment. For more information on downloading content, be sure to check out our article, “Using Scribd offline”.

Following a podcast

Eagerly awaiting the next episode from your favorite podcast? Take advantage of our Follow feature! Following a podcast lets you stay current with the most recent releases from your favorite shows. For steps on how to follow a podcast, be sure to look over our article, “Following on Scribd”.

If you have additional questions about podcasts in our library, don’t hesitate in contacting Scribd Support for more help!

Happy listening!

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