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Making sure our readers can easily access and enjoy content in our library is important to us here at Everand. While this isn’t a complete list, we’ve provided some recommendations below for popular assistive technology you may want to try using with Everand. These software companies’ official guides are the best reference for specific details on how to use their products, so please visit their sites for detailed instructions.

On the Everand website

You can access the Everand website with the below screen readers (which are not affiliated with Scribd, Inc. or our products).

If you use a Windows operating system:

If you use a macOS:

  • VoiceOver with the most recent version of Safari

On the Everand mobile app

Currently, the Everand mobile app isn’t fully compatible with screen readers and their text-to-speech features. However, accessibility options are built into the devices listed below and may be helpful for navigating Everand.

If you use an Apple device:

  • VoiceOver with the most recent iOS update installed

If you use an Android device:

  • TalkBack with the most recent Android update installed

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