Troubleshooting mobile app issues on your iPhone or iPad

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We do our best to keep things running smoothly, but every once in a while technical issues may still appear. We created this guide to help you resolve a variety of issues quickly and easily so you can get back to enjoying your favorite content.

If these tools don’t do the trick, don’t worry - our Technical Support team is here to help.

  • Getting Started

    If you encounter a technical problem, it’s a good practice to start with these initial steps:

    1. Restart the app

      Completely close the app and reopen it. This helps clear any errors that might’ve occurred in the background.

    2. Check for updates

      Make sure you’re using the current version of the app. You can check for updates by visiting the App Store pages for Scribd and Everand from your device.

      You can also read more about updating apps in the Apple Support site here.

    3. Restart your iPhone or iPad

      This will free up some memory that apps use while they’re running. After your device has been restarted, open the app and see if you notice any improvement.

    These steps typically resolve many common issues. If you continue having trouble with the app, starting here also gives us insight while we work toward a resolution.

    Please continue on to the next step if the issue has not been resolved.

  • Clear the app cache

    In order to help apps load faster, your device stores (or caches) some information on your device. You normally don’t need to clear the cache of the Scribd or Everand mobile app unless you encounter unusually slow load times, technical issues, or other behaviors that are less than ideal. To clear the app cache:

    1. Open the app on your iPhone or iPad
    2. Tap on Account 👤
    3. Select Downloads
    4. Select Clear cache

    Once you’re done, try the app again to see if the trouble you’ve experienced has been resolved. If not, move to the next step.

  • Reinstall the app

    We recommend reinstalling our apps only if you’ve completed all of the previous steps and haven’t seen any improvement in the issues you’re experiencing.

    Please be aware that deleting the Scribd or Everand app will remove any content that you have previously stored to your device for offline reading or listening. We recommend ensuring this content is added to your Saved titles, so it can be easily redownloaded after you reinstall the app.

    To delete the app:

    1. Locate the app on your home screen, or search for Scribd/Everand in your App Library.
    2. Tap and hold the app icon
    3. Select Remove App
    4. Select Delete App
    5. Tap Delete to confirm

    To redownload the app:

    1. Visit the App Store page for Scribd or Everand from your device
      Open the App Store and search for "Scribd" or "Everand"
    2. Tap the download icon

    After the download is completed and you launch the app you will need to sign into your account again. If you have any difficulties getting signed in take a look at this article for help resetting your password.

  • If you’re still having trouble

    We’re very sorry to hear these steps didn’t resolve your issue. We’re committed to finding a solution.

    Click the button below to get in touch with our Support Team. Any information you can provide will help us expedite your request. If possible, let us know the following:

    • A description of the issue you’re experiencing
    • Your account information, like your username or the email address you use to sign in
    • Links or names of titles to any titles or documents that are relevant to the problem
    • Screenshots or recordings of the issue, especially if you’ve encountered an error alert
    Contact Support

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