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Want to share the love of reading with your whole organization? We may be able to help!

What is Scribd for Enterprise?

If you’re looking to provide your employees with access to our vast digital library, a bulk subscription purchase may be just what you need! Scribd for Enterprise connects businesses and organizations to Scribd with team licensing terms at discounted rates.

Are we eligible?

Currently our Scribd for Enterprise offerings are available for a variety of businesses and organizations. These offers may be unavailable in some regions at this time, however we welcome inquiries from outside our headquarters in the United States! Please contact us and we'll be able to provide the most up-to-date information on your eligibility and current offers.

Please also note, at this time we are unable to offer Scribd for Enterprise to schools for K-12 student access. Our product team is reviewing tools which may better support school-sponsored access in the future.

How can I submit a request on behalf of my company?

Visit Scribd for Enterprise on our website and provide us with a few details about your company! Our team will be in touch with you soon after.

Where can I learn more about Scribd?

Visit our website at or browse our Help Center for more information. Our article “What is Scribd?” is a great place to start!

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