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The Scribd app for Apple Watch provides yet another way to enjoy audio content from our library wherever you go!

What Apple devices are supported?

Our Apple Watch app is designed to complement your use of the app on your iPhone. In order to use Scribd on your Apple Watch, your devices will need to meet the following requirements:

  • Apple Watch series 3 or later
  • The app is optimized for watchOS 7 or later; devices running 6.0+ are currently supported
  • Your Apple Watch will require a cellular or WiFi connection for playback
  • The most recent version of the Scribd app installed on your iPhone

What audio devices can I use for listening?

Audio from the Scribd app can be streamed from your Apple Watch to Bluetooth-connected headphones or speakers.

How do I sign in to use my Scribd subscription?

You’ll need to use the Scribd app on your iPhone to sign in. Your Apple Watch will gather these login credentials so you can access your Scribd account.

What content can I access from my Apple Watch?

You’ll be able to pair headphones or a speaker to your Apple Watch and enjoy audio content you’ve added to your Saved list. At this time you’ll need to access Scribd via our iPhone app or website to add or remove titles in your Saved list.

What audio controls are available on my Apple Watch?

Our Apple Watch audio player includes many of the major features seen in our standalone mobile app, such as:

  • Skip forward/back 30 seconds
  • Playback speed options
  • Sleep timer

If you have any questions or feedback about the Scribd app for Apple Watch, our Support Team will be glad to hear from you. Happy listening!

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