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With SlideShare, you can upload and share presentations, infographics, documents, videos, PDFs, and more. Here are some frequently asked questions about SlideShare.

How do I keep my SlideShare and LinkedIn accounts separate?

If you don't want your personal email address from SlideShare to be associated with your LinkedIn account, you’ll need to:

  1. Contact us and we'll unbind the accounts.
  2. Then, to bind to the correct SlideShare account to your LinkedIn account:
    • Sign in to the SlideShare account you want to associate with your LinkedIn account.
    • Move your cursor over your profile picture in the upper right.
    • Click Account Settings.
    • On the Social tab, click Connect next to LinkedIn.

Can I stop SlideShare from logging me in to LinkedIn?

This happens if the email address for your SlideShare account is different than your LinkedIn account. You can resolve this by completing the following:

  1. Contact us and we'll unbind the accounts.
  2. Then to bind to the correct SlideShare account to your LinkedIn account:
    • Sign in to the SlideShare account you want to associate with your LinkedIn account.
    • Move your cursor over your profile picture in the upper right corner.
    • Click Account Settings.
    • On the Social tab, click Connect next to LinkedIn.

What should I do if I am having issues uploading my file?

The time it takes to upload a SlideShare file depends on the following factors:

  • The file size
  • Your internet connection
  • Status of our servers

A long queue for uploads can also affect the upload time. If it takes more than five minutes, it’s likely there was an issue uploading your file - try uploading your file again.

What should I do if my uploaded SlideShare file fails during conversion?

When a file is displayed as a Work in Progress, we're attempting to convert the file. There are a few reasons why an uploaded file can still fail during conversion:

  • Our conversion process is experiencing a temporary issue. Please wait for about 20 minutes and then upload the file again.
  • The file you’re attempting to convert is password protected, encrypted, or contains macros. These can cause issues with our conversion process. If you have any of these things in your file, remove them and upload them again.
  • You’re uploading a raw file such as PPT, PPTX, or ODP. Try saving the file as a PDF and uploading again. PDFs are less complex and will convert more quickly.

What counts as a view to my SlideShares?

SlideShare counts every page load as a view. You can get details on how many times a file has been viewed by visiting the URL for a SlideShare, and clicking on the Statistics Tab. You can click the Analytics button underneath your SlideShare, if you want to see a deeper analysis.

If your SlideShare is embedded on another website, every time the third-party page loads, it will be counted as a view and added to the Total Views count.

Why do I see views on my private SlideShare files?

The views and social interactions reported on a private SlideShare file can be due to any or all of the following reasons:

  • Viewing the file from your account.
  • Sharing a secret link to the private file.
  • Embedding the private file on a webpage or blog that gets traffic.

Does SlideShare support hyperlinks in presentations and documents?

SlideShare supports hyperlinks in presentations and documents when they are in our supported file formats. Hyperlinks aren't supported in infographics.

Links should be used as an added resource. With this in mind, we've disabled links on the first three slides/pages of all SlideShare files. We believe this leads to a better experience for SlideShare members.

Here are some tips to ensure that your hyperlinks work correctly:

  • Hyperlinks can't be used on the first three pages of your file. In order to add a hyperlink, use the Insert/Hyperlink command in PowerPoint.
  • If you uploaded a PDF and your links don't work, check the PDF creation tool you used to see if it preserves hyperlinks. Please note that most PDF tools do preserve links. If you print to PDF from a program like PowerPoint, the hyperlinks will work in the PDF version, but won't work on SlideShare.
  • Internal links aren't supported. For example, if slide three of your presentation links to slide eight of the same presentation, this link won't work on SlideShare.
  • Hyperlinks may not work if they’re on the left or right side of your presentation. The left and right sides of SlideShare presentations are reserved for navigating the file. If you have links to share, place them near the center of your presentation.

Can I upload SlideShare presentations from the SlideShare Mobile app?

It's currently not possible to upload presentations, documents, videos, or infographics to SlideShare from your mobile device.

It's not currently possible to merge multiple SlideShare accounts or content from multiple accounts. We recommend uploading all your presentations and documents into the account you want to keep and then deleting the empty SlideShare account.

Note: Deleting an account will impact your search rankings and SEO, and any presentation with an embed code will no longer work.

Where do speaker notes appear in my SlideShare presentation?

Speaker notes will be displayed on the presentation view page of a SlideShare presentation. The Notes tab will be to the right of the Statistics tab, below the player. Speaker notes are generated for all raw file formats (ppt, pptx, odp) when our system detects these notes. We are unable to generate notes from PDFs.

How do I follow or unfollow another person on SlideShare?

When you follow someone on SlideShare, all new content they upload will be displayed on the SlideShare homepage under Trending in Your Network. You'll also receive a daily digest email with updates from your network.

To follow a SlideShare member:

  1. Navigate to their SlideShare account and click the Follow button on the upper left of their profile section.
    • To Unfollow click the Following button click Unfollow from the pop-up.

On the SlideShare mobile app tap Follow button on the upper right of the profile to follow. To unfollow a member, tap the Following button.

Will my SlideShare activity be shared on LinkedIn and vice versa?

No. If you upload a presentation through SlideShare, you have the option to share it with your LinkedIn network or not.

How does my SlideShare profile have data from my LinkedIn profile?

When your LinkedIn account is bound with your SlideShare account, it’ll combine your publicly visible profile information from your LinkedIn account. This is done to help you easily manage your identity across both platforms.

Any information you make public on your LinkedIn profile (Name, Country, Headline, etc.), will be bound to your SlideShare profile as well.

None of this information is searchable on SlideShare and won’t be indexed by external search engines in order to protect your identity. This information will only be associated with presentations that you upload on SlideShare and are made public.

Why does my presentation still show in the Google/Bing/Yahoo search results after I closed my SlideShare account or deleted the presentation?

The information that appears in search engines like Google, Bing, or Yahoo! is gathered and updated by the search engines. The speed at which your information gets updated or removed from depends on how often each search engine updates their information.

Note: If you close your account with SlideShare, it's closed immediately. However, it may take up to three hours for your public presentations to be removed from SlideShare.

If I sign out of SlideShare, will I be signed out of LinkedIn?

No. If you sign out of SlideShare, you won't be signed out of LinkedIn.

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