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SlideShare is a place where community members from all over the globe can share their work. To make it easier to navigate and find content, you have the option to choose the language that’s best for you!

What languages is SlideShare available in?

The SlideShare website is available to view in the following languages:

If one of these languages is detected in your browser's settings, SlideShare may automatically direct you to the localized site. While the above list contains the current selections available to apply to the website at this time, the content uploaded to SlideShare is not limited to these languages alone. We hope to introduce additional language options in the future!

Changing your SlideShare language

To change the language the SlideShare website is displayed in:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of any SlideShare page
  2. Click on the language option in the lower right corner (the language the website is currently in will be shown)
  3. Choose your desired language from the menu that appears
  4. Your web page will refresh and appear in the designated language

When you change the language the SlideShare website is displayed in, any searches you make for content will automatically be filtered to match.

Content uploaded to SlideShare is only available in the language it was originally uploaded in. Changing your SlideShare display language does not translate content within a presentation, document, or infographic, to another.

If you have any additional questions on setting your language preferences, please feel free to let our SlideShare Support team know. We’re always happy to help!

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