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Invite your friends to join Scribd and their first 60 days are free! In most cases, we’ll also be able to add 30 days of free membership time to your subscription for each friend you invite who signs up with us.

How do I find and use the Scribd referrals page?

To access your very own referrals page on Scribd:

  • Log into your account on Scribd’s website
  • Click on the “Invite Friends” link towards the top right, to the left of your user icon and the “Upload” button

You can also navigate to your referrals page another way:

  • Make sure you’re logged into your account on Scribd’s website
  • Click on your user icon in the top right-hand corner
  • Select “Invite Friends” or “Read for Free” from the menu

How do I earn free membership time?

When you refer a friend to Scribd and they purchase a subscription using your referral link, we’ll credit your Scribd account with 30 days of free membership time! This happens automatically for all subscriptions registered using eligible payment methods. 

Unfortunately we’re unable to apply credits to subscriptions purchased via Google Play or iTunes. While your friends will still receive their 60 days of free trial membership time for using your referral link, we won’t be able to credit additional time on your Google Play or iTunes subscription to Scribd.

Why isn’t my 30 days of free membership time showing up?

You must have an active subscription in order to be eligible for referral credits. You can always check your referrals page to see the status of your referral credits, whether your free membership time has already been applied to your subscription or is pending. 

If the payment method associated with your subscription is eligible, we’ll automatically add 30 days of free membership time to your account for each friend that signs up using your referral link. 

You may also see “Pending” referral time in your invite tracking page if your subscription with us wasn’t active when your friends signed up using your referral link. If your subscription is paused or if we were unable to successfully collect payment to renew your membership, referral credits won’t be applied until your subscription is active.

If you need any further assistance with managing your referrals, please contact our support team

Why didn’t my friend receive their 60 days of free membership time? 

If your friend signed up as a new member with your referral link and didn’t receive 60 days of free membership time, please contact our support team and include the following information in your message:

  • The email address on file for your Scribd account
  • The email address that your friend used to sign up with us

If the referral link isn’t used to sign up, only our regular free trial will be offered and your friend won’t see the 60 day free trial offer. 


We’re always happy to help our members share the joy of reading on Scribd! If you need any assistance, or if you have any additional questions, please contact our support team

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