Books are suddenly unavailable

You might notice that some books and audiobooks in your saved titles list are not immediately available. We recently fixed a bug that may have affected titles you’d saved on Scribd. Don’t worry, you’ll still get a chance to read these books! These limits are temporary.

Our goal was to make the bug fix as least disruptive as possible so that you wouldn’t notice much of a difference in your Scribd experience. We’ve heard your feedback that we did not accomplish this goal. We’re sorry for the inconvenience, and we hope we can provide clarity for you on why this fix needed to be made.

If you’ve been with Scribd for a while (first off, thank you!), you’ll remember that we launched our new unlimited* subscription in February 2018. Moving away from monthly credits was exciting for everyone at Scribd, and we’ve been overjoyed by the positive response that we’ve received from readers just like you.

We don’t own any of the books or audiobooks included in Scribd; instead, we have agreements with publishers that allow us to make them available in our service. The reason we include an asterisk next to unlimited* is because we must occasionally and temporarily limit the available library on Scribd to pay publishers and authors fairly for their work in a way that’s sustainable.

The bug that we fixed bypassed the restrictions that appeared elsewhere in our service when a book or audiobook was added to your saved titles list.

Please know that we are constantly working with our publishing partners to reach agreements that will allow us to make as much content as possible available to our members while we continue to fairly compensate authors.

Thanks for being a valued Scribd member, and thanks for helping us change the way the world reads. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by following this link.

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