When did I get unlimited reading?

Scribd’s Unlimited* Subscription

We updated our subscription to give you access to an unlimited* number of books and audiobooks each and every month! You read that right, as of February 2018, we’ve done away with credits for books and audiobooks without raising our price.

We've received tons of feedback since launching our Monthly Credits system. In response, we were extremely excited to announce our new subscription model that does not use Monthly Credits for full access to our regular catalog of ebook and audiobook publisher-provided content. With this plan, you'll have access to our constantly rotating catalogs of ebooks and audiobooks, no Monthly Credits required!

As always, your subscription continues to bring you access to news, magazines, and documents, including articles from Bloomberg Businessweek, Time Magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Men’s Health, New York Magazine, and more.

Scribd’s unlimited service launched on February 6, 2018, and includes access to an unlimited number of books and audiobooks, alongside unlimited access to news, magazines, documents, and sheet music.

What did this change for existing Scribd members?

Not much at all! You'll notice a slight change to your browsing experience: the Scribd Selects catalog has been removed and you will no longer see the unlimited toggle in search filters. Without the need for Monthly Credits for full access to titles available on Scribd, there's no longer a need for a separate Scribd Selects or unlimited catalog! If you find a book or audiobook that strikes your fancy, just start reading or listening - we'll handle everything else on our end.

With this new subscription plan, we have constantly rotating catalogs of titles that will be fully available to you without the need of using credits to redeem full access. If you're only seeing a preview of a specific title, you should also see a notification of exactly when that book or audiobook will become fully available to you. If that's the case, that title will become fully available to you on the listed date for that title’s "About" page. If it's a title that you've already added to your Saved titles page, you'll see it in the "Available Soon" section right up top. 


*For more information, visit our FAQ. You can read our updated terms of service here. Of course, you’re also more than welcome to contact our friendly support team if you have any questions!

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