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Scribd, Inc., like most companies, is evaluating the use and impact of AI. In this evaluation, we will continue to prioritize the interests of Scribd, Inc. customers, creators, and publishing partners. 

Our AI Principles outline the values that guide our development of AI across our products. These principles are a framework for responsible decision-making and problem-solving. 

AI Mission statement

Scribd, Everand, and SlideShare make up one of the largest digital libraries in the world, and our mission is to make reading, listening, and creating more accessible than they have ever been. 

We believe that responsible AI is instrumental in helping us reach that future. We have been using machine learning to enhance our products, and we commit to making advances in AI to bring even more exciting experiences to our customers.

Our AI responsibilities 

Trust and confidence

Our readers, creators, and publishing partners trust us with their data and their work. We aim to maintain and continue building upon that foundation of trust by safeguarding user data, providing visibility into how data is used by our AI algorithms, and ensuring that it is used exclusively to provide the best possible experience.

To protect our readers and creators, we will continue to comply with all applicable AI laws and regulations. We will enable users to report any concerns related to AI-driven features and will ensure a transparent process for addressing these concerns. 

Explainable and understandable

We recognize that AI and its possibilities are new to many of our readers and creators, and our goal is to ensure that they always have a clear understanding of how AI technologies enhance their experience. 

We strive to always articulate the purpose behind our AI algorithms and decision-making processes.

Integrity and diversity

Our content comes from various perspectives, voices, and genres, and we extend these values to our AI-driven features.

We strive to minimize bias as well as the promotion of misinformation, hate speech, or harmful material in our AI-enhanced experiences. 

How we implement AI

Helpful, but not imposing

We believe that the best use of AI is to enhance experiences and content in meaningful ways. We respect our customers’ love of reading and learning and our creators’ ingenuity. Our AI features should never feel ominous or intrusive to their experience.

Authentic, but not uncanny

Our AI experiences should not feel cold and robotic, overly familiar, or ingenuine. We strive for authenticity without crossing into the eeriness of the uncanny valley.

Accessible to all, just one click away

We intend to leverage AI to make more content accessible and ensure that all users can enjoy their experience reading and discovering content. As our readers interact with our products, AI-assisted features should always be close by, visible, and clearly labeled. 

Enhance, but don’t replace

We strongly believe in the potential of AI to enhance creativity, not to replace human inventiveness. We maintain that our customers and creators deserve transparency throughout the full creative process. Therefore, we will aim to label all AI-created or enhanced content to ensure readers and creators are informed.

AI that makes sense for us

We are a unique product, driven by a mission to spark human curiosity through reading and discovery. We strive to evaluate all AI-driven ideas and features through our values, our vision, and our wider mission. 

Questions on AI features or our principles? Ask us here.

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