I'm an Apple iOS Beta Tester - can I still use the Scribd app?

We're excited that you're using the iOS 10 Beta! 

At the moment there are several known issues on iOS 10 beta such as scrolling freezes and audiobook player freezes, which are being addressed by our development team. Although we can't fully address issues on this operating system until its public release, as an Apple iOS beta tester you can help us perfect the Scribd app by joining the Scribd app Beta tester group. By joining, you can help us resolve issues sooner and give us opportunity to perfect the Scribd app in anticipation of iOS 10.

If you'd like to do this, open a support request or email us at support@scribd.com. Your feedback will help us to constantly work to improve the Scribd experience for all of our users. We look forward to having you spend time reading with us. 

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