How do I know how many Monthly Credits I have? Where can I check my balance?

We know that feeling of getting swept up in a good book (or two!). It's easy to lose track, thankfully getting back on it is easy!

You can check your Monthly Credit balance at any time from your Account Settings page.

By clicking through, you'll see a full history of your subscription payments, all the books you've redeemed credits for, and any other purchases you've made on

In-app, just tap the profile icon on the bottom right (the little person), then tap the gear icon in the upper right corner. From there, tap "Account" and you'll see your full balance. Tap on "Activity" to see the titles you've used your Monthly Credits on. 

Naturally, we don't expect you to check your Account Settings page all the time! That's why anytime you're reading a title that require a Monthly Credit, we'll give you a short and sweet reminder of how many you have stored up to use before you redeem one. All of our titles come with free previews, and we'll never use a Monthly Credit or charge you without your permission! We always want to be on the same page, after all! :)

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