What does this mean for existing audiobook listeners?

What does this mean for existing audiobook listeners?

Nothing about the new system will change how you find, view, or listen to audiobooks. You'll still receive one audiobook credit regularly with your subscription. Subscribers will still receive an audiobook each month with your membership renewal as you always have and you'll hang onto any audiobooks you've already redeemed credits for.

Annual subscribers will also begin receiving Monthly Credits for audiobooks as well, with each Monthly Credit being given out on the anniversary of their original billing date. So if you signed up on December 1st - you'll get a new audiobook credit on the 1st of every month after that.

Audiobook credits accumulate up to the maximum of 3 credits, and you won’t acquire any more until you have fewer than 3 left on your credit accrual date. From that point on you'll receive a new Monthly Credit to spend on audiobooks each month.

Example: If you have 12 audiobook credits on March 15th, you’ll keep all of them once our new system goes live. Once you have spent at least 10 of those credits (bringing you down to 2 audiobook credits) you'll receive a new one next month. 

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