What are Monthly Credits? How do I get them?

What are "Monthly credits"?

"Monthly credits" is how you pull books off of Scribd's shelf to read. Any book you use a book credit on will remain accessible to you as long as it's available on our service with your membership. Book credits are our way of meeting the incredible demand for ebooks in a sustainable and seamless way. You don't have to keep track of credits, pay any extra money, or worry about any accidental fees - just read as you usually would and let our service take care of the rest!

Only ebooks (the books in our subscription catalog here) and audiobooks will count towards your monthly credits. Sheet music and other content will remain freely accessible with your membership. We will also still have a separate catalog of Scribd Selects that updates monthly, and another catalog of nearly 150,000 titles that are freely available with your membership and do not require anything extra.

How do I get book credits?

Every subscriber on Scribd will automatically receive access to 3 book credits and 1 audiobook credit at each monthly billing cycle with a monthly premium membership. For monthly subscribers, these are automatically added to your account each month on the date you initially pay for your subscription.

Do my Monthly Credits roll over?

Absolutely! If you don't use all your credits up in one month, you'll keep them going into the next month! You can ONLY accumulate up to 9 book credits and 3 audiobook credits at a time. You'll keep your unused Monthly credits for the duration of your membership as well; if you cancel, however, your monthly credits and audiobooks will be removed from your account (since we can't grant folks access to content without a subscription). Don't worry though, if you choose to come back later let our support team know! We'd be happy to help get you started again!

Can I keep my monthly books?

You can keep reading your monthly books again and again for the lifetime of your membership provided it's available on our service. In rare cases, we do have to remove books (contracts change, author request, etc) - if that's the case we'll send you an email in advance to let you know, and you'll have some time to finish reading it. If you cancel your subscription, you will no longer have access to remaining unused Monthly credits and monthly books once your subscription ends. If you have questions about any of this just send our support team a message and we'll be happy to help!

Can I purchase more monthly credits?

For ebooks, that’s not currently an option we can offer (it’s complicated!). Audiobook users will still be able to purchase additional audiobook credits for $12.99 each, but these purchases are not applicable to our Monthly Book titles. We’re exploring our options for folks to access more books than the standard 3 each month, but it’s going to take some time. Until then, if you run out of your regular monthly credits check out our Scribd Select catalog, find a new book on our 150k catalog, re-read an old favorite from your Saved titles, or explore some of Scribd's free content!

If you still have questions, be sure to check out our other FAQs; if you need assistance with anything Scribd related, be sure to contact our support team

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