Can I read for free? What are "Scribd Selects"? Where's the unlimited catalog?

What happens if I run out of Monthly Credits?

No matter what, we've got you covered! Scribd is, after all, about having a book in your hand wherever you go. To that end, Scribd offers nearly 150,000 titles that do not count towards your monthly quota or require a Monthly Credit. 

In addition to that 150k catalog we release a fresh batch of "Scribd Selects" every month to accompany your regular subscription selections. These titles are hand picked from our full library by Scribd editors from a wide range of genres and are freely available to you with your subscription at no additional cost (they will not count towards your Monthly Credits). We're confident there will be something in our catalog to catch your interest every new month! 

So how do I find Scribd Selects?

Let us count the ways!

To start, you'll also always be able to tell a book is a Scribd Select by the special "S" badge in the upper left corner. This badge appears on all Scribd Select titles that are freely accessible during any given month. It lets you know the book was hand picked by our editors, and will not cost you a monthly credit. It looks a little something like this:

Whether you're using our website or the Scribd app, we'll always make Scribd Selects easy for you to find. If you're out of Monthly Credits and try to redeem full access to a title that requires a credit, you'll see a notification that looks a little like this: 


Just click or tap on "Go to Scribd Selects" and you'll be taken to the current Scribd Selects catalog.

To find and browse our category of Scribd Selects, we have a dedicated section available in the app and on the website for both audiobooks and ebooks.

To make it even easier for you, here is a link to all Scribd Select ebooks.

And here is a link to all Scribd Select audiobooks.

Here's how to get there:

The Scribd Selects catalog is available by following these steps on the Scribd website:

  • Click "Explore" and Navigate to the "Audiobooks" or "Books" category. 
  • Scroll down a bit - you will see a catalog labeled for the current month:

In addition to this, every genre in the Scribd library that includes Scribd Selects will give you a link to browse that month's selections. That means if you're a history buff, you can go straight to the "History" genre to view selects.

To find Scribd Selects while using the Scribd app:

  • Tap the small icon house icon on the bottom navigation bar
  • Tap "Books" or "Audiobooks" from the top row of content types available
  • Scroll down a bit and you'll see the Scribd Selects catalog for the current month. You can click the "More >" link to the right of the Scribd Selects heading to see all Scribd Selects for that month:

How do I find unlimited books?

In your Saved titles: 

We want to make sure you've got a book handy no matter what. If you're looking for something to read from books you've added to your Saved titles, just click on "Everything" and select the "Full Access only" option. This will only show you books that are fully available to you without using a credit (whether they're unlimited, currently a Scribd Select, or those that you've already used one of your credits on!).

In the search tool: 

Simple conduct a search for any subject or author you're interested in, then use the "Unlimited only" filter. We'll be updating this section with more in depth steps, so stay tuned!

How long are Scribd Selects available?

Scribd Selects will be listed on the rotating catalog for exactly one month, then the catalog will update with a fresh new batch. Anytime you pick up a Select title and start reading, it will be all yours to read for the whole month it’s on the Scribd Select catalog, and another 2 weeks after that. After that time is up, the book will be returned to our regular catalog and will again require a Monthly Credit.

If you've still got a few pages to go once that time is up - no worries! There's nothing worse than an unfinished book in our opinion - give our support team a shout and we'll get you back on track with your book. 

Additionally, we will offer a library of over 150,000 titles that will always be available without the use of a Monthly Credit. You can filter for these books in your library, in our book genres, and in search results as well.

Can I keep and re-read Scribd Selects once I'm done with them?

We know the joy of a good book, and how tempting it can be to keep it forever - but no, you will not be able to keep Scribd Selects once you're done reading. Think of it more along the lines of borrowing a book from a friend, at some point you will have to give it back! We wish we could let you keep them forever after you've finished, but it's simply not possible for reasons that are too difficult to explain in an FAQ. :)

Note: Books you've redeemed with a Monthly Credit for are treated a bit differently and you will be able to keep reading those; check out our Monthly Credits FAQ for more info!

If you still have questions, be sure to check out our other FAQs; if you need assistance with anything Scribd related, reach out to our support team!

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