How do I listen to an audiobook?

How do I listen to an audiobook?

Listen to audiobooks on Scribd! Now it won't matter if you're driving your car, or simply prefer giving your eyes a rest for a while--you'll be able to enjoy great audiobooks on Scribd, included with your premium membership.

You can find audiobooks in two ways. On the Home screen in the Scribd App, choosing the Audiobooks tab across the top will show you all of the audiobooks you have saved, and you can scroll through a variety of audiobooks selected for you depending on your interests, recently read, and trends in bestsellers. You can also search for specific audiobooks by title or author, by clicking on the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner.


When you find an audiobook you're interested in, simply tap on the book cover to be taken to the book's main page. On this page you can choose to save the audiobook for later, start listening, read reviews, or simply read the synopsis of the book. Under the author’s name and narrator, you’ll find the audiobook’s rating by the Scribd community, and the length of the audiobook as well.


When you begin playing an audiobook, you will find options to skip forward or move backward through chapters, pause it, or to fast forward and rewind within the current chapter. Also if you press the small moon icon, there is a sleep timer, ranging from 5 minutes to 2 hours! The 1x button gives you the option to slow down or speed up the audio playback.


Just like all of our ebooks, you’re welcome to store audiobooks on your device for offline listening by choosing the store offline option! The drop down menu in the top right corner provides the options to create a bookmark, save the audiobook for later, store it offline, view the table of contents and bookmarks, share the audiobook and to view more information about the book as well.


Hope this has been helpful in your search for audiobooks! If you run into any issues with an audiobook on the site, please be sure to let Scribd support know. Open a support request or email them at and please include the name of book that you are having issues with and describe the trouble in detail. They'll get to work on seeing about a fix for the problem so you can enjoy the audiobook again as quickly as possible.

Happy listening!

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