How do I share my favorite Scribd titles?

The best part of reading is sometimes sharing what you read with others. And it's easy to share what you've read on Scribd straight from the app!

Imagine you've just finished a book and you want to make sure your friends know how good it is. Just open up the title, select the symbol in the upper righthand corner and go to 'Share'. Once you click that numerous options will pop up that are available to you like sharing on Facebook, sending it in an email, or even as a text message. Just from the app you can tell all your friends and followers how great a book was to make sure it's on their list of what to read next. 

You can also share your favorite quotes from your favorites books from Scribd's mobile app. Just hold your finger down on the text that you want to select until the cursor appears and make sure the whole quote you want to share is highlighted. Then press the symbol in the righthand corner and select the 'Share' option to be presented with the list of options. It'll be based on what you have installed on your own mobile device but you'll be able to share your favorite  quotes from those wonderful writers with all your friends!

And that's it. Instant sharing.

Whether it's a title that you just adore that you want your friend to check out or something that you've uploaded and wish to share with your friends and followers, it's easy to get the right people to the right place to be able to enjoy it on Scribd. Remember, sharing is caring, so make sure you're being generous and informing all your friends about the amazing books that await them on Scribd.

Never stop reading!

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