How do I remove recently read items from my history?

Scribd keeps track of the titles you've opened in a section called 'Reading' found in your 'Library'. Each title is only viewable to you and you alone and Scribd uses those titles to help create personalized recommendations of what may interest you.

If for some reason you don't want a title listed in your Recently Read, you can remove it at any time from your Library. From the homepage, tap on Library and then select 'Reading' from the menu that appears when you tap the work next to 'See'.

Once on the 'Reading' page, you should see all the titles you've accessed for enough time to be considered 'reading'. To remove them from your 'Library', tap the edit button in the upper righthand corner and then highlight all the titles you wished removed.  If you're using the Android or Kindle app, select the trash can symbol in the upper righthand corner of the page and the books will be removed from your history; for iOS, tap "remove" in the top-right corner. 

Please note any titles you remove from recently read will also no longer be considered for your personalized recommendations. If you want your time on Scribd to be more personalized to your tastes, do not remove the books you enjoyed reading from your history. 

If you have any issues with the process, please contact Scribd support for assistance. 

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