How do I start a Scribd membership?

Scribd's premium membership program includes access to a plethora of bestselling books and new releases in every genre, and as a member you get access to this collection of titles right on your mobile device. Read any 3 ebooks or 1 audiobook you would like, or dip into our collection of nearly 150,000 completely unlimited titles - it's a book in your hand whenever and wherever you want with our monthly membership. It's any book-lover's dream since we all know how expensive books can be!

You can sign up straight from the app too! When you load the app, you'll be prompted to sign up for a world of books. If you decide to wait to see what's in the library first, no worries—you'll always have the opportunity to join later. When you finally decide to join, you can do so by pressing the 'Join Now' button on the home page. The page about the membership program will pop-up, press 'Join' and you'll be taken to the billing page. You can also sign up from the 'Settings' page; select 'Profile' and then the symbol on the top-right corner of the page that looks like a gear wheel. Scroll down to the option that says 'Account' and tap that to find the option to 'Join'. 

Enter in valid credit card information and you're set!

You will not be charged until the free trial time is over. We ask for payment information to ensure there's no interruption to the service we're sure you'll love but you can cancel at any time.

We accept all major credit cards. Just enter in the card number, expiration date, and CVV, hit purchase, and start reading!

Once the free trial period is over, the membership will automatically upgrade to a recurring subscription. Once that free trial ends, you'll be charged a monthly recurring payment until the membership is canceled which you can do at any time from the 'Settings' page of your account on the app. Learn how to cancel here!

Once you've entered your credit card details, your Scribd membership is immediately activated. There's no waiting around to enjoy a good book with us, and you'll be able to find a title that looks interesting, prop your feet up, relax, and start reading right away.

If you have any trouble with the process, please contact us and our support team will help get you set up with unlimited access to a plethora of titles as quickly as possible. 

Happy reading!

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