Highlighting and adding notes

Want to highlight your favorites quotes? Add a note to a book for later? You're in luck! The Scribd app has both those features! Now you can revisit all your favorite parts in your favorite books by highlighting the word, phrase, paragraph (whatever!) or by adding your own comments to the "margin". 

How do I highlight?

To highlight part of a book, press down on the word to select it and move the cursors to encompass everything that you want highlighted. Once a part of the book is selected, a few options will appear. Select Highlight, and voila! It's highlighted! It'll appear blue on the page and be saved to your list of highlighted content in the Note & Bookmarks tab. 

Ever wish you didn't highlight something in a physical book? That's never a worry on Scribd! You can delete any highlight that you add to the book at any time. Simply go to the highlighted content, tap it, and several options, including the word Delete will appear. Hit that and the highlight will be removed. The other option is to open Notes & Bookmarks and swipe left on the highlight to remove it.

How do I add a note?

To add a personal note to a book, press down on the word (and move the cursors to include the full phrase you wish associated with the note) and select Note from the options. Once you select that, a page will pop up and you'll be able to type out your note on your mobile device. When finished, hit Save and it will be added to your list of notes. 

Don't need that section noted any longer? Misspelled a word and need to edit what you wrote? No worries! It's not permanent ink you're using, so feel free to change any note you make or delete it entirely. Just go to the note and select the gray symbol on the side of the page near the highlighted portion. The page for editing will pop up. Type something new and click Save or to remove the note entirely select Delete.

One note (for those note takers out there), when you remove a note the word will remain highlighted for you. If you wish to remove the highlight as well, simply tap it and hit Delete

How I go back to highlighted content or read through my notes?

You can access your highlighted content and all the notes you've added to a book at any time. Select the symbol in the upper Right-hand corner and go to Notes & Bookmarks. Highlighted content will appear in that list marked with Highlight and the notes will appear with the word(s) selected and the note you wrote. 


Please note that all highlights and notes are saved for you even if you cancel your premium membership with us. If/when you decide to renew at a later date, all your highlights and notes will still be waiting for you.  


If you have any trouble with highlighting content or adding a note to the book you're reading, it may be a PDF in which case you won't be able to highlight content or add notes. We're sorry for the trouble! Contact Scribd support and include the title of the book and our support team will help figure out if there's a solution to the problem. 

Happy reading!

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