How do I login on the Scribd App?

You've got the Scribd mobile app installed, do you? That's wonderful! You can read where ever your heart desires now! But first things first: you have to login to your account. 

To get to the login page, select the Profile icon in the lower Right-hand corner.

If you need to create an account, select that option to either sign up using your Facebook profile to have one created instantly and connected to your Facebook account or tap on Join with Email to create a new account with us. 

Now, if you already have a Scribd account, you simply need to log in with the same information you would use on the main website. First, tap Already a member? Sign in!. Then enter in your username and password. If you always login through Facebook, just hit the blue button per usual and you'll be connected to the account. Please note, if your Scribd account is not connected to your Facebook profile, using the blue Facebook login will create a brand new account for you. Only use that button if you've used it in the past or are creating a new account with us.

That's it. Just like that, you have the entire Scribd library in the palm of your hands and the ability to read where ever you want when ever you want. It's that easy to never stop reading.

If you have any trouble logging in, just email and explain what's going wrong. The support team will figure out the issue and help get you connected to your Scribd account.

Happy mobile reading!

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