Navigating Scribd's App

With the Scribd app downloaded on your compatible mobile device, our large digital library is available to you wherever your feet take you. It's easy to navigate through the app but we'll go over the ins and outs to be sure you know all the benefits the app grants you. 


The 'Home' button brings you to the main Scribd homepage. Here, you'll find various carousels of books from ones you've read recently or are currently reading, books you've saved to your Library, to ones we think you'd want to read next!


Not sure what to read next? Browse through the books available in Scribd's library. Hit Browse and it will take you to a list of popular categories for both ebooks and audiobooks. Each genre will give a broad overview of the books we have available and you can dive deeper into the genres by selecting 'sub-genres' and more.

Currently Reading

The cover of the last title you've opened will show up in the middle of the app's navigation bar. When you tap it, you'll zoom in on its cover have the option to resume reading. Here, we'll let you scroll through other titles you've opened recently or remove titles you no longer want listed in your Recently Read. As an important note, this page is completely private: no one sees what you’ve read but you. 


This is where the adventure happens, and where all those books you've been saving go when you save them to read later! This is where you'll find the titles you've 'saved for later' or stored on your device for offline reading can be found. If anything looks interesting, be sure to add it to your Library so you can find it again easily. Just like "Currently Reading", all the books you've saved are for your eyes only.


This is where you can see how others view your page on Scribd. It's the link at the bottom of the menu next to your name and profile icon. If someone searches for you, they'll most likely land on your public profile which is displayed here. This is also the area on the app that lists all your collections and where you need to go if you ever need to find the 'Settings' page of the app. 

An example of a Scribd home screen:

Now you should be able to navigate through Scribd's app like an expert. And of course, if you need any clarification and the answer isn't in the other FAQs, send a note over to our support team. We're always happy to help.

Never stop reading!

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