Navigating Scribd's App

With the Scribd app on your device, Scribd's digital library is available to you wherever you go! As you explore the app, you'll see this handy navigational bar on the bottom:


The 'Home' button brings you to the main Scribd homepage. Here, you'll find various carousels of recommended titles across our multiple content libraries, and books you've recently added to your Saved titles page. 


Not sure what to read next? Explore through the titles available in Scribd's library. Tap the small compass icon and it will take you our Explore page. Each interest will give a broad overview of the books we have available and you can dive deeper by tapping on any interest to be taken to that specific interest's explore page!


This is where the adventure happens, and where all those books you've been saving go when you save them to read later as you search and browse Scribd's library! Saved is where you'll find the titles you've 'Saved for Later' or downloaded on your device for offline reading. If anything looks interesting, be sure to add it to your Saved so you can find it again easily. On this page, you can also organize your books into Lists - we have more information about managing your Lists using the app here and you can learn more about managing your Saved titles on the app here.


To access your account information, select the Account icon at the bottom of the menu. The Account section includes the following: 

  • Account Information
  • FAQs & Support
  • Audiobook Preferences
  • Manage Downloads
  • Notifications
  • Privacy 
  • Invite Friends
  • Reading History (Jump Back In)

Now you should be able to navigate through Scribd's app like an expert. And. of course, if you need any clarification and the answer isn't in the other FAQs, send a note over to our support team. We're always happy to help!

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