How do I add or remove titles from my library?

One of the best features available on Scribd is that when you come across a book you know you're interested in reading (but don't have the time to start right away), you can save it for later in your own personal Library.You can also save books inCollections: a group of books with a similar theme or purpose. But Scribd is a library tailor made for your needs—you're the one that gets to create what you feel is the ideal library. You can save titles to read for later, track the books you're currently reading, and see all the books you've already finished reading.

Locating My Library

Anytime you want to see what's in your library or edit it, just tap 'Library' found in the navigation menu at the bottom of the app.

There are four main sections of your Library:

  • Saved — all the titles you've added to your Library to read for later as well as all the books you've recently accessed
  • Reading — the books you're currently reading
  • Finished — the books you've read through all the way and have marked as done
  • Everything — the cumulation of all the above categories and the default displayed when you access 'My Library'

Everything will be listed based on the chronological order they were added to the library or last accessed.

Removing a title from My Library

If you want to just remove a title from your Library, you can do so from the book itself. Just select the book cover, tap 'In Library' beneath the cover, and then select 'Remove from Library'. Otherwise, you can remove large numbers all at once. Select 'Library' then tap the icon in the upper righthand corner ('select' or a pencil icon). Highlight all the books you wish removed and then tap on the trashcan icon in the upper righthand corner once again (if on iOS, tap 'remove' in the bottom-right corner). Once you select that, you'll no longer see them in your Library.

Adding a title to My Library

Don't have any books saved? Starting adding book to your library! If you've found a book you're interested in, here's how to save it for later.

When you first select a book's cover it'll expand and you'll be able to see the synopsis, reviews of it, and so on. If you don't want to start reading it right away, you can click the 'Add to Library' option right at the bottom of the cover.

If you've already opened the book to start reading, and you want to save it to your Library; just tap the icon that looks like a circle with a plus sign in it and then select the option to 'Add to Library' from the menu that pops up at the bottom of the screen.

Marking a title as Finished

It's great to keep the books you've read already in your library but marked as 'Finished' so that our system can offer up better personalized recommendations tailored to your tastes. It also leaves you with the opportunity to read your favorites whenever you want since they're easily found in that section.If you've already read a book on Scribd or you're done reading one and want to mark it as finished, you'll have a few options available to do so.

First the book needs to be currently in your library. If you haven't already added it, please be sure to first save it to your library and then go to your 'Library'. To mark any title as finished from the app, select the edit icon in the upper righthand corner (it will either show as 'select' or as a pencil icon) and then highlight the book cover you wish to mark as finished. Now the next step will be dependent on if you're on an iOS device or using one of the other Scribd apps (Android, Kindle Fire, etc.). On iOS, once you highlight the title, you should see the options to mark as finished (or reading, etc.) at the bottom of the page. For all the non-iOS readers out there, once you highlight the title, select the icon in the upper righthand corner (three vertical dots) and then mark as finished (or reading, etc.).

If you encounter any issues with your Library or have further questions, please . Happy reading!

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