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There really is nothing like a good book on a rainy day—or a good book on a sunshine-filled day, for that matter! But more than anything, there's nothing like being able to read a book in a font size that your eyes are comfortable with. We know that everyone has their own preference, so it's easy to enlarge or shrink the font size of a book on Scribd to fit your needs.

Changing the font size on Scribd's app and mobile website

To change the size of the text on the mobile app or while using the Scribd mobile website, open a book you'd like to read, tap the  'Aa' icon to bring up the display settings. (This icon will be hidden in the app while you're actively reading - just tap the screen once from any page in a book and the menu icons will reappear.) In your display settings, tap the plus sign next to the 'A' to enlarge, or the minus sign to make the font smaller. 

From the same display menu, you'll also be able to adjust the color of book pages and select other font and page-scrolling preferences.


If these display options aren't available on the title you're reading, it may be a formatted PDF and you won't be able to enlarge the font this way. We apologize for the inconvenience! Although we won't be able to resize the text, you can make the page larger by doing a reverse-pinch: place two fingers in the center of the screen and then slide them apart to zoom in on the page.

If you have a question or believe that there's an error and you should be able to enlarge the font, please contact our customer service team and include the name of the book or document so we can investigate the matter for you.

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