What is Scribd?

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How do you even say Scribd?

Scribd /ˈskrɪbd/ sounds like ribbed, but with 'sc' in front.

Okay. But what is it?

Scribd, Inc. has grown as a company to oversee three great products:

  • Everand: the new home for ebooks, audiobooks, podcasts, magazines, newspapers, and sheet music
  • Scribd: a digital document library for community-uploaded content 
  • SlideShare: a collection of community-uploaded presentations and professional content

Launched in March of 2007, we now have over 1.8 million monthly subscribers in over 100 countries with over a million premium titles to choose from.

For more information on Scribd, Inc.’s products, Scribd, Everand, and SlideShare, or how to subscribe, check out our FAQs and guides. Now go put your feet up and read something great with us!

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