How many books does Scribd have? Are you adding more?

A lot! We mean it, there's a lot of content on Scribd. If you're interested in the number of books you get with a membership, we're talking hundreds of thousands to choose from, from over hundreds of publishers. And we're talking ebooks, audiobooks, and News & Magazines all available to you. Add on all the content that our members have made available for free, and we're talking about millions of options to choose from. 

The incredible thing: we're adding more content all the time! We are constantly working with our publishing partners to bring you a bigger and better selection of titles.

Is there a particular book you're interested in? Send suggestions our way! We appreciate all feedback. You're the reason we're here, so we'll try to do our best to grow our library and fill it with the material you want most. Just send your ideas to Scribd support and we'll keep it on our radar while we're hunting for new books. 

Happy reading! There's sure to be a brand new book waiting for you right now. 

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