How many books does Everand have? Are you adding more?

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Our library contains hundreds of thousands of ebooks and audiobooks for our subscribers to choose from, not to mention magazines and podcasts! You will find the work of innumerable authors and creators, from hundreds of publishers. The best part is that we add new content all the time!

You may sometimes notice that an ebook or audiobook you have saved indicates it will be “Available Soon”. This means you've encountered a limit based on your recent reading history. Each month on a date determined by the start of your subscription cycle, your library will refresh and you’ll be able to select from our full library once more.

We recommend using the “Save” option to keep track of any titles that strike your fancy. That way, your shelves will always be full of titles you are eager to dig into. Any titles listed as “Available Soon” will also list the date they will become available for you — an excellent tool to plan your reading for next month!

In need of something new? You can explore our library at any time, day or night. In addition to our ebooks and audiobooks, don’t forget to check out the sheet music, magazine articles, and podcasts, as well as our Scribd Original content!

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