Why is the book I'm reading becoming unavailable?

Scribd's library is made up of hundred of thousands of books and each title is up on Scribd by the permission of our publishing partners. Our goal is to make every book in the world indefinitely available within our premium membership service. We try to never to remove any title once we've been able to include it to our service - we know how incredibly frustrating it would be for a book to just disappear when you're in the middle of it and getting to the good bits.  

There are many different reasons for a book to be removed from the site. For instance, the publishers can request titles to be taken down, an author may no longer wish to be a part of the service, contracts deals change, etc. Much like other entertainment subscription services, there will always be an ebb and flow of content tweaks as we work to bring great titles to you. 

If we do have to remove a book, we'll do our very best to warn you so that you have the chance to finish it. If you've started the book, we'll try to send you an email as early as possible that the book is going to be removed. We'll also notify you when you come back to Scribd to remind you that the title will be removed from our library on a certain date. While not ideal, hopefully these notifications will give you enough time to finish the book and we truly apologize for any trouble this causes. 

We sincerely wish that you won't ever encounter this issue, but we will do our very best to give you a warning should we need to remove a book that you're enjoying on Scribd. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact Scribd support for assistance.

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