How do I highlight content or add a note on

Want to highlight your favorites quotes? Add a note to a book for later? You're in luck! has both those features! Now you can revisit all your favorite parts in your favorite books by highlighting the word, phrase, paragraph (whatever!) or by adding your own comments to the "margin". 

How do I highlight?

To highlight part of a book, click the mouse and drag the cursor to select everything that you want highlighted (it'll show up as your computer's/browser's default color first). Once part of the book is selected, a few symbols will appear like the ones in the picture below. Select the image of a highlighter, and voila! It's highlighted! It'll appear orange on the page and be saved to your list of highlighted content.

Ever wish you didn't highlight something in a physical book? That's never a worry on Scribd! You can delete any highlights at any time: simply go to the highlighted content, click it, and a miniature trash can symbol will appear. Hit that and the highlight will be removed.



How do I add a note?

To add a personal note to a book, click and drag the mouse over the full phrase you wish to annotate. Select the symbol that's right of the highlight button that looks like a note page. Once you select that, a box will pop up and you'll be able to type out your note there. When finished, hit 'Save' and it will be added to your list of notes. 

Don't need that section noted any longer? Misspelled a word and need to edit what you wrote? No worries! It's not permanent ink you're using, so feel free to change any note you make or delete it entirely. Just select the page symbol on the side where the note is located and the editing box will pop up again. Type something new and click 'Save' or select the trash can icon to remove the note entirely.



How do I go back to highlighted content or read through my notes?

You can access your highlighted content and all the notes you've added to a book at any time. Select the symbol in the upper righthand corner to bring up the 'Options' menu and go to 'Notes & Bookmarks'. Highlighted content will appear in that list in orange and the notes will appear with the page symbol next to them. Clicking on any of them will automatically take you to that area in the book. If you're a big highlighter and note taker and need a way to look through just one or the other (or just find the pages you've bookmarked) you can click the symbols up at the top next to 'Show'. If the symbol's not blue, they those additions won't appear on the list. You can also sort through your notes and highlights by date added or based on the page number they're located in the book. 



If you have any trouble with highlighting content or adding a note to the book your reading, it may be the type of file that the title is. Contact Scribd support and provide a link to the book in question and the crack team on the support desk will look into the trouble for you. 

Happy reading!

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