Bookmark a page on the Scribd website

With Scribd, you can go back to all the good bits in a book whenever you want! All you have to do is add a bookmark and you can be sure to easily find that paragraph you enjoyed. 

To bookmark a page, click on the More Actions drop down menu in the top right corner: moreactions_menu.png

Then, click "Add a Bookmark" from the menu that appears: add_a_bookmark_screenshot.png

To view all your bookmarked pages so that you can revisit them time and time again, select "Notes & Bookmarks" from that same menu:notes_and_bookmarks_screenshot_.png

To remove a bookmark, just click the trash can symbol to the right of each bookmark or note in that book's "Notes & Bookmarks" section.

Alternatively, you can simply 'dogear' the page to bookmark it - like you might with a printed book - by clicking the upper right page corner where you see a dotted line:


Please note that bookmarks are saved for you even if you cancel your premium membership with us. If/when you decide to renew at a later date, all your bookmarks will still be waiting for you!  

If you're having trouble bookmarking a page while you're reading, contact Scribd support and provide a link to the title so they can investigate what the trouble is. 

Happy reading! 

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