Searching within a book

It's easy to search within a book! Scribd makes the text in a title searchable so you can find specific content quick and easy. If you're reading a book, and you want to find a particular word or phrase, you can search the book for it!

Click on magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner to select the 'Search' option. Type in what you wish to search and Scribd will automatically scan the title for the matching content. 


When it finds a match to your search, it'll list the page number it's located in, highlighting the search query for you in blue. You can see exactly where in the paragraph it is located and by selecting one of the results will take you directly to the full page of the book that match can be found on.


You can also highlight and add notes to text in a saved book. Simply click and glide over the lines of text you'd like to highlight or add a note to for later viewing.


When you come back to your book, you'll see the blue highlighted text, and a small page symbol next to your saved notes. 


If the search function isn't available, it may be a title that was scanned or created as an image, rather than a text-based document. Though in the conversion process Scribd makes the text of most files searchable and available to major search engines, Scribd does not perform optical character recognition (OCR) on images within content. This means that some image-based content may not be fully searchable, even if easily read. 

We hope you find what you're looking for! Please contact Scribd support with any questions.

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