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It's easy to search within a book! Scribd makes the text in most content searchable so you can find specific words or phrases easily.

On our website

While reading a title on our website, click on magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner to select the 'Search' option. Type in what you wish to search and Scribd will automatically scan the title for the matching content.


When our system finds a match to your search, we'll list the page number it's located on, highlighting the search query for you. You can see exactly where in the paragraph it is located, and selecting one of the results will take you directly to the full page of the book where the match can be found.


On our app

For readers who use the Scribd app, there are two options for searching:

Option one: With the reading footer open, select the magnifying glass icon on the bottom of the page, then type in what you wish to search for in the book.


Option two: Select a word directly on the page by pressing and holding down on it. Then choose 'Search'.

Using iOS or iPad OS, you'll see this dialog box:


Meanwhile, in our Android app, after highlighting a particular word, you'll select the icon in the upper right with three dots and use 'Search this book' to search for your selected term:


With each option, any results will appear along with the page number each was found on. By selecting one of the results, you'll be taken directly to that page of the book.

Why can’t I search within some particular books?

If the search function isn't available, it may be that the title was provided as a series of images, rather than text. Scribd does not perform optical character recognition (OCR) on titles provided in this format. This means some titles that are provided as images won't be searchable.

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