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When you come across a book you're interested in reading, you can save it for later! Your saved list helps you track what you’re currently reading, your future titles, and see everything you've finished. You can also save books in custom lists: a group of books organized by a similar theme or purpose you’ve chosen.

Adding a title to your saved list

Don't have anything saved? Start adding content to your library!

From your home page, you can click on the “Save for later” ribbon icon on the bottom of any title you find interesting. If you select a title, you'll see an "About” page which includes a synopsis, author information, reviews and more. If you don't want to “Start Reading” right away, you can click the “Save” or “Save for later” option.

Locating your saved list

When you save a book, audiobook, or other content for later, you make it easy to quickly locate exactly what you’re in the mood to read. Even if you decide to use a different device, simply sign in to your account and your saved titles will be there! The Everand app and website work a bit differently, so let’s take a look at how to find your saved list on each.

On the Everand website

To see what you've saved or edit your selections, click the “Saved” button found at the top of most pages on Everand, or find the “Saved” option in the account drop-down menu.

From your saved list, you can also access any custom lists you've created by clicking on "All Lists" towards the top right corner of your screen.

On the Everand app

Anytime you want to see or edit what's in your saved list, tap on “Saved” in the menu at the bottom of your screen. (This won’t appear while you’re viewing an ebook or the full-screen audio player; just navigate back to your home page in the app first to access the menu.)

There are a few key features on your saved list in the app:

  • Titles — The accumulation of all the content you've saved; the default displayed when you access your saved list
  • Following — A list of the content you’ve followed
  • Lists — All of the custom Lists you've created and added titles to
  • Notebook — An archive of any bookmarks, notes, or highlights you've added to content
  • History — A list of your most recently read titles

Filtering your saved list

Everything on your saved list will appear in the chronological order they were added or last accessed. By default, it will display all media types. Whether on our website or using our app, you can narrow down your saved titles by filtering. Applying filters looks different on our website and mobile app, so let’s review the steps for each!

On the Everand website

  1. Navigate to your saved list
  2. Click on “Filter” in the top left corner of the page
  3. Select the content type you want to filter by
  4. Use the toggle at the bottom to “Hide finished titles”
  5. Once you’ve finished setting your filters, click on the “Done” button

On the Everand app

  1. Tap on “Saved” in the bottom right corner of the app to open your saved list
  2. Use the buttons at the top of your list to instantly apply filters, or click on the Filter icon to view all options at once:
    • Downloaded — This will show you only the titles you’ve downloaded to your device to enjoy while not connected to internet or a cellular connection
    • Formats — This will show you all types of content available in our library that you can filter by
    • Hide finished — This will show you only the titles you have not finished
  3. Tap on the “Apply” option, if applicable

Removing a title from your saved list

Don’t want a title on your saved list? You can remove it! Removing a title looks different depending on how you’re accessing Everand, so we’ll cover each way below.

On the Everand website

You can remove a title from your saved list by:

  • Navigating to a book’s About page, and clicking "Saved" to deselect it
  • Selecting "Remove From Saved" from the three-dot menu for a title on your saved list

On the Everand app

You can remove a title from your saved list by:

  • Tapping the “Saved” icon under the "Read" or "Listen" button on the About page for a title, and confirming that you'd like to remove it if prompted
  • Tapping on the three dot menu in the upper right corner of your screen when reading or listening to a title, and selecting “Remove from Saved”
  • Tapping on the filled-in ribbon icon under a title you have on your saved list

You can also remove multiple titles at once through the app by following these steps:

  1. Tap on “Saved” in the bottom right corner of the Everand app
  2. On iOS, select the “Edit” option in the upper right corner; on Android, you’ll see and select a pencil icon
  3. Select all the titles you wish to remove
  4. On iOS, tap “Remove” at the bottom of your device’s screen; on Android, tap the trash can icon
  5. Confirm that you want to remove the titles from your saved list

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