How do I redeem a credit for an audiobook?

Picture this: you've finally chosen your next new favorite book - you don't know it yet, but this book might actually change your life. You're chugging along chapter after chapter, and suddenly, it hits you – how am I going to spend a credit on this book? You want… no, you need to finish it! Not to worry!

To redeem a credit for an audiobook look for a blue "Get Full Title" button. If you do not see this button, and there is a "Start Listening" button instead - it means the audiobook is freely available to you without the use of a credit. Whether you're on the Scribd website, or surfing our app the "Get Full Title" button will always look like this:

This button appears in the book synopsis/summary page as well as from within the audiobook player itself during previews. You'll see this option no matter where on Scribd you are - whether you're in your library or browsing our audiobook categories you'll have the option to redeem a credit.

(Want to learn more about previews? Click here for our support guide!)

To redeem a credit, you have two options:

Option 1 — the “I'm definitely going to love this book” method

Whether it's a book you've already read, or a book you're positive you'll enjoy you can redeem your credit right away from the book synopsis page. The synopsis/summary page is the screen that pops up right after you tap on a book's cover.

To use your credit and fully unlock a book, click the blue “Get Full Title (1 Credit)” button.

You'll be prompted one last time to confirm you want to spend your credit on that book; we'll also show you how many credits you have total. Once you confirm it, the book will be added to your library (if it wasn't already) and be ready for you to listen to right away!


Option 2 — the "I like to dip my toes in first" method

Here at Scribd, we are all huge fans of good books and we know that for everyone that definition might be different. That's why we're offering a free preview for all audiobooks that require a credit. You can start a free preview at any time by using the "Preview" button from the book synopsis/summary page. You'll automatically be taken to a free preview of the book without having to spend a credit listening to it!

But what happens when you want to finish a book? I'm so glad you asked!

You can redeem your credit for an audiobook straight from the preview page at any time. 


Or - when you get to the end of a preview and you haven't used a credit for it yet, you'll be prompted to do so with a page that looks something like this: 


**We will never automatically use your credit on any audiobook either - you will always be prompted not once, but twice to redeem a credit for an audiobook.** 

Once you have redeemed a credit for an audiobook you will not be prompted to do so again. From then on, from both the app or website you will always be able to access the audiobook by clicking "Start Listening".

We will always show you your remaining credit balance when you redeem a credit on an audiobook as well, but you can also view your credit balance at any time in your Account History.

If you want to learn more about the free audiobook previews we offer, check out our FAQ "Can I preview an Audiobook before I spend a credit for it?"

If you think you've redeemed your credit in error, you're having an issue related to credits or audiobooks, or you have any other questions or concerns please be sure to contact Scribd Customer Support and we will be happy to help!

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