Can I preview an Audiobook before I spend a credit for it?

Absolutely! We fully support your ability to dip your toes in first before you jump into an audiobook! Both on the web and through the app, any audiobook that requires a credit will give you a free preview. 

Did you get hooked after the first chapter? Awesome! You'll be prompted to spend a credit once the free preview ends. Follow the prompts to apply a credit to the book - we'll also tell you how many credits you have left, or give you the option to buy more if necessary!

If an audiobook isn't your cup of tea (or genre) that's ok too! You can just close out of the book at anytime. Maybe you'll find something else you like in our audiobook collection, or maybe there's another book stashed away in your Saved titles you'd like to read! 

Here’s a very basic run-down on how our Audiobook free preview process works: 

  • You can always “try before you buy”. We want you to enjoy that book if you're going to use a credit on it. That’s why you’ll be able to listen to a free preview of any Audiobook that requires a credit.
  • The length of a free preview will vary from publisher to publisher, but in general you’ll be able to listen to at least the first 15-30 minutes of a book at no charge to you!
  • If you listen to a free preview of a book you will not be charged a credit or otherwise - it’s completely free! You're under no obligation to purchase a credit once you’re done with the preview.
  • We are happy to issue refunds or grant new credits wherever it’s necessary. Now, this will absolutely be on a case by case basis. If you get an hour, maybe two hours into a book and find that it’s not what you were expecting just let us know and we’ll get things sorted out for you. 

You might be feeling like you’re taking a risk purchasing credits from us, and that’s ok, we completely get it! From refunds to credit replacements - we will always do what we can to make things right! 

Naturally, there are always exceptions to the rule and we have a ton of precedent set already with our refund policies. You can read more about our refund policies here.

If you have questions about a scenario that wasn’t covered here, or need further assistance please let us know by contacting our support team anytime!


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