Why do some audiobooks require credits?

Why do some audiobooks require credits?

Over the past two years, Scribd's digital library has grown from 100,000 titles to more than one million in a variety of formats like ebooks, audiobooks, and articles. We’re extremely proud of the service we’ve built, and we’re constantly working to expand the selection across all the genres and formats to give each Scribd reader the broadest possible list of books to enjoy for just a low monthly price. Our goal is to bring great content to every book lover around the world for a low monthly price. 

Part of providing that services means finding a good, sustainable balance between what's freely available and what's not -  that 's why some audiobooks now require credits. Not all audiobooks, mind you—you'll still have unlimited access to thousands of great audiobooks! However, for all other audiobooks on Scribd, you'll need to use a credit to access them in full. We truly value you as a reader and listener, and want to make sure you always have access to a good book.

You will automatically receive 1 audiobook credit per month at the start of your billing cycle. If you use your free monthly credit and see a different book you want to jump into right away, don't worry—you'll be able to buy additional credits for $12.99 each, to enjoy it too! Version 7.1.1 is required to keep listening to Scribd Audiobooks, so be sure to stay tuned and grab that update!

Do all audiobooks require credits?

Not at all! There's a huge selection of audiobook titles to enjoy in full, no credits required! We have a rotating catalog of thousands of audiobooks made available through special arrangements with our publishing partners. This unlimited audiobook catalog is regularly updated as well, so there's always something new for you to enjoy.

Audiobooks requiring credits will include a preview of the audiobook so that you can listen to a bit of it first before deciding whether you'd like to go ahead and use one of your credits, and you will always be asked to confirm your choice before the credit is used to gain full access. 

Please review the topics here which go into more details on what credits are, and how the new audiobook system will work. For a step-by-step guide on how to redeem credits, or preview audiobooks click here for a guide on redeeming credits.

If you have further questions not covered in the help topics, please contact Scribd support for assistance. 

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