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Everand is all about getting great content to every reader in the world — whether it's from major publishing companies or self-published authors. We know a good book is a good book no matter who publishes it, and we're delighted to welcome any and all authors who wish to share their work on Everand!

If you're already published on Everand through one of our publishing partners, we're so happy to have your work on Everand! We know you may have questions about Everand and specifically what it means to have your work published on the site, and we’re here to help.

But also, if you're a self-published author looking to be included in Everand's subscription library, we'd love to have you too! All you need to do to get your books in our library is to share your work via one of our publishing partners—Smashwords, INscribe Digital, BookBaby, Draft2Digital, or Findaway Voices—and your book will be available on Everand for our subscribers! You do have to work with one of those publishing companies, however, and we apologize that we are not accepting individual authors directly on Everand at this time. 

For all our authors in the program, we’ve provided answers to some commonly asked questions below. If you still have questions or there’s anything else we can assist you with, please contact our support team and let us know!

How do I earn royalties for my books in Everand’s subscription library?

The short answer: when a subscriber reads a certain percentage of your book, you get paid as if you had sold the book in an ebook retail store. But there’s more to your royalty terms than this. Everand has signed distribution agreements with each of our publishing partners, and we recommend you direct questions about specific payment terms to the distributor you've chosen.

Are my books available for free on Everand?

As part of Everand's subscription library, your books are available in their entirety for subscribers to read. Each user pays a monthly subscription fee for access to our library of premium content. If you're a subscriber, you'll be able to access your own books in full as well as many others, but people who haven't yet joined will see only short previews of the books. To see what your books look like to non-subscribers, log out of Everand and view them again.

How do I see how many sales I am generating?

Your sales records for Everand are updated regularly and you can find information on the number of sales through your distributors' reporting system. You will need to contact the company you've used to publish your work on Everand to obtain your reports.

Where do I view the stats for my published content?

To view your reading statistics for content published on Everand through one of our publishing partners, please contact your publisher directly. 

How do I upload new books?

To include new books in Everand's premium program as a self-published author, publish them as usual with the ebook distributor of your choice and they'll automatically be distributed to Everand if you've opted to have them shared on our platform.

Everand subscribers also have access to Scribd, our digital document library for community uploaded content. The "upload" button on Scribd cannot be used to add books to our premium service on Everand, so you shouldn't upload your books that way. However, Scribd is also a great place to share supplementary material—essays, letters to fans, and flyers for upcoming book signings. If you'd like to share anything like this with your readers on Scribd, you may like to check out more of our guides for uploading documents.

Where can I find more information about how Everand fights copyright infringement?

Please see our Copyright Center for answers about many topics relating to how Scribd, Inc. fights copyright infringement and unauthorized content across Everand, Scribd and SlideShare.

How can I promote my books on Everand?

Your author profile page is your promotional hub on Everand. All your books can be found there, along with your author bio. This page is public on the web, so you can start promoting your books on Everand by tweeting, posting on Facebook, and otherwise sharing the link to your profile page. You can also promote your work by sharing direct links to your books.

How do I share a free preview of my book?

Check out how to share a free preview here.

What are some benefits of distributing my books on Everand?

Everand has an established, global audience of over 80 million users, who can now discover your books on Everand. Every time a subscriber reads your book (past a certain ‘preview’ threshold) you are paid as if you had sold it. This makes Everand a great way to get your books in front of a new audience that can try your books at no extra cost to them while creating a new revenue channel for you.

What is Everand’s policy on adult content?

Erotic fiction may be allowed on Everand. However, some types of explicit content may not be accepted into our library. The publisher you work with to share books to our premium library may also have their own guidelines that impact where they choose to distribute your books. We recommend reaching out to your publisher for more details.

I can’t find my books on Everand. Why not?

There are a few possible reasons. First, we recommend trying a search for your titles using quotation marks around your search term to help restrict the results. (For instance, you might search for “The Secret Life of Bees” within quotation marks, instead of The Secret Life of Bees, without.) If you still can’t find your book and you have opted to distribute it on Everand, please contact us and we’ll look into what’s happening.

My books are marked “unavailable”. Why?

If you see that your book is marked “unavailable" it simply means that it is not in our subscriber library. There are two likely reasons it may not be available:

  • It is very short. Some very short books have been excluded.
  • It contains explicit content. Some explicitly erotic content may not be included for distribution in our subscription library.

My books are marked “available soon”. Why?

When books or audiobooks become temporarily unavailable on Everand, you'll see any titles you've saved listed in the "Available Soon" section along with a date of exactly when they will become fully available to you. Check out our Help Center article Titles labeled “Available Soon” for more information.

If you have any questions about why your book is unavailable in our library, we recommend reaching out to your publisher for more details.

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