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Scribd is all about getting great content to every reader in the world — whether it's from major publishing companies or self-published authors. We know a good book is a good book no matter who publishes it and we're so happy to have any and all authors that wish to be up on Scribd.

If you're already published on Scribd through one of our publishing partners, we're so happy to have your work on Scribd! And we know you may have questions on Scribd and specifically what it means to have your work published on the site. We have some frequently asked questions prepared for you here. 

But also, if you're a self-published author looking to be included in Scribd's premium membership program, we'd love to have you too! All you need to do to get in the program is go through one of our publishing partners—SmashwordsINscribe Digital, BookBabyor Draft2Digitaland your work will be up on Scribd and available to our members as well! You do have to go through one of those companies however, and we apologize that we are not directly accepting individual authors into the service at this time. 

But for all our authors in the program, here are a few commonly asked questions with answers. 

My Content and Payment 

Q: How do I earn royalties for my books on Scribd’s membership service?

A: The short answer: when a member reads a certain percentage of your book, you get paid as if you had sold the book in an ebook retail store. But there’s more to your royalty terms than this. Scribd has signed distribution agreements with each of our publishing partners, and we recommend you direct questions about specific payment terms to the distributor you've chosen. 

Q: Are my books available for free on Scribd?

A: As part of Scribd's membership program, your books are available in their entirety for premium members to read. Each member pays the monthly fee for that access. If you're a premium member, you'll be able to read your own books in full as well as many others, but people who haven't yet join will see only short previews of the books. To see what your books look like to non-members, log out of Scribd and view them again. 

Q: How do I see how many sales I am generating?

A: Your sales record for Scribd are updated regularly and you can find the information on the number of sales through your distributors' reporting system.  You will need to contact the company you've used to publish your work on Scribd to obtain the report.  

Q: My Stats page is empty, but my books show they've been viewed. Why?

A: Your 'Stats' page won't show content delivered to us by the publishing partner you've chosen. Instead, 'My Stats' will display content you've uploaded via Scribd. You can find view counts for your books by going to their reading pages, but keep in mind that these view counts don't distinguish between premium members who read all of a book and those who read just the preview. Any and all views are counted.

Q: How do I upload new books?

A: To include new books in Scribd's premium program, publish them per usual with the distributor of your choice and they'll automatically be distributed to Scribd if you've opted to have them published with us.

The blue "upload" button on Scribd cannot be used to add books to our premium service, so you shouldn't upload your books that way. However, Scribd is also a great place to share supplementary material—essays, letters to fans, flyers for upcoming book signings. If you'd like to share anything like this with your readers on Scribd, check out our guides for authors and publishers.

Q: Where can I find more information about how Scribd fights copyright infringement?

A: Please see our Copyright Center for answers about many topics relating to how Scribd fights copyright infringement and unauthorized content.

Q: How can I promote my books on Scribd?

A: Your author profile page is your promotional hub. All your books can be found there, along with your author bio. The page is public on the web, so you can start promoting your books on Scribd by tweeting, posting on Facebook, and otherwise sharing the link to your profile page. You can also embed your Scribd books on your blog or webpage as you would a YouTube video. Learn how to do this here.

Q: How do I share a free preview of my book?

A: It's already done for you! Check out how and go about sharing the free preview with people here.

Q: How do I access and edit my author profile page?

A: First, you must “claim” your profile (see directions below).  Once claimed, you can access your profile page by logging into your Scribd account and clicking on your user icon in the upper righthand corner next to the 'Saved' button. When the drop-down navigation menu appears, choose “Public Profile” to view your author page or select "Account Settings" from the drop-down menu to edit it.

Q: What are some benefits of distributing my books on Scribd?

A: Scribd has an established, global audience of over 80 million users, who can now discover your books on Scribd. Additionally, your books will enjoy additional distribution by our search engine optimization, merchandising, and social media outreach. Every time a member reads your book (past a certain threshold) you are paid as if you had sold it.  This makes Scribd a great way to get your books in front of a new audience that can try your books at no extra cost to them while creating a new revenue channel for you.

Q: What is Scribd’s policy on adult content?

A: Scribd is currently not including erotic fiction through its membership service.  If your books are erotic fiction, you can still share them for free on Scribd, but your titles will not be available for premium members to read.

Q: I can’t find my books on Scribd.  Why not?

A: There are a few possible reasons.  Before you email us, try going to this special search page, and then searching for your titles.  Scribd search supports phrases, so it may help to use double-quotes to restrict results. If you still can’t find your book and you have opted to distribute to Scribd, please email us and we’ll see what happened.

Q: My books are marked “unavailable”. Why?

A: If you see that your book is marked “unavailable" it simply means that it is not in the membership program. There are two likely reasons for it to be not in the service:

  • It is very short.  Some very short books have been excluded.
  • It is erotic.  Erotic fiction titles are currently not being distributed in the membership program.

My Author Profile 

Q: What kind of changes can I make to my author profile?

A: You can change your displayed name, profile picture, and share your bio and interests on your profile page. The help topics in Your Account can provide specifics on how you can do this. 

Q: How do I claim my author profile and get started?

A: Contact us at First we will need to verify that the author profile that you are trying to claim is indeed yours so please include any information you can to help with that process and we’ll handle the rest.

Q:  What if I have an existing Scribd account?

If you have an existing Scribd account and also publish books through a distributor, Scribd staff can “merge” the two accounts together for you. This will allow you to keep your Scribd accounts' history and manage your premium membership titles. You'll need to contact us at and provide a link to both account for us to process this.

Q: What do I get with an author profile?

A: With a profile on Scribd, you can interact with the Scribd community as both an author and a reader. You can purchase your own premium membership to enjoy unlimited access to Scribd’s library of over 500,000 books and you can share your own reading activity on Scribd with your fans. Besides that, you can of course check on your own books whenever you choose and update your account information whenever you need to. 


If you have any questions that weren't answered here our other FAQs might be able to help. If not, please contact Scribd support and we'll be happy to help. 

Happy publishing!

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